Author: Cos D. Sadist

Genre: Romance, Humour, Dafuq I know?

Rated: T

Words: 2k+

Characters: E.Kid/T.Law

Status: completed

_Special thanks to Lonely Leaf for the picture_


Anway, ENJOY~


It was a very hot and sunny day, nearly the most unbearably hot day that he could ever recalled. The sky was clear as hell, which means that there was not even a single slightest sight of cloud, and the wind was nowhere to be found. The sun was shinning up above, provided the most uncomfortable heat upon his skin, while the sea underneath the ship’s deck created no movement of wave. Everything seemed too peaceful to be accepted, too quiet to his favorite, and the most of all, too hot for him to feel alive.

Who can blame him for being a pirate from the North Blue, the coldest ocean of the world?

In addition, what the hell was he doing here, on the Kid Pirate’s deck?

Yes, seriously, what made him spend his precious time on this ship in a crazily humid day like that? He should have been staying inside his submarine right now, submerged under the water of the ocean, far away from the heat, and enjoyed the coolness there instead of standing on a certain deck and looking stupidly at the ridiculously clear sky above.

Oh, he remembered. Anyway, why couldn’t he remember the special event that had happened one day before, which means yesterday, between him and Eustass “Captain” Kid, which had put him into this situation? Speaking in a simple way, they had a small battle. Not that kind of serious battle between a pirate gang and another like it has always been found in this range of New World, their battle was more like a funny one but ended up with unexpected result. On the other hand, you can describe it with only three sentences to avoid lengthening this story and focus on the main part: Water Balloon Fight. The Heart threw. The Kid threw back, unfortunately the captain after who the crew named abused his power and accidently threw a bunch of metal weapons along with the balloon right toward the Heart’s submarine. You don’t need to be very smart to predict what happened afterward. The submarine got all the hit, and its deck quickly turned into a mess. The vice-captain of the Heart Pirates, a man whose name like a bird, Penguin, went for a checking out immediately then found out that not only the deck was ruined by the weapons but also the engine underneath was effected, even though he didn’t understand why these things could attack that far. Still, their submarine could not run any further, and Mr. Kid, the Captain of the Kid Pirates of course, had to take all of the responsibility for that. It was not a big problem, in fact, it only took them the longest time is more than one day to repair the deck and fix the engine, but to captain Trafalgar Law, the man who can never take the heat of summer, which happens to be the main type of weather in this area, one day floating on the surface under the sunshine, surrounded by heat and humidity was nothing but the most horrible disaster, especially when he had to burry himself inside his stuffy cabin since he could not stay on the deck while it was being repaired. To solve the problem of his dearly captain, Penguin came up with an idea, which was the best and greatest to everyone but nobody asked Law what he thought about it.

Must notice that he didn’t like it, not even a little bit. According to Penguin’s brilliant idea in everybody’s but his opinion, Law should go to Kid’s ship and stay there until the submarine repairing was completed. And guess what? None of these stupid ask him whether he even wanted to go there or not, beside, he knew that not was more likely his response in every situation like that, the stupid red headed was just picking him up and holding him roughly on the shoulder, right before his crew’s eyes, and carrying him to the big creepy black ship without a word. Law swore that he heard the laughter from his comrades, and he promised to himself to give them the harshest punishment when everything is done. It was not him who came up with the stupid idea anyway, and it was not even Law to support the ridiculous game of water balloon either. The blamed was Penguin and the blonde named Killer of the Kid Pirates, who was very busy repairing the submarine right now. At least Law could feel good with the thought of them suffering the heat while doing hard work. They deserve that.

What can make things worse, is the fact that Law had to spend the whole last night with the captain of the Kid Pirate. He wondered why the others had said that there had not been any spare room for him so that he had to choose between sleeping with Kid in his bedroom or lying on the couch, whereas; he swore that he saw it with his own eyes, Killer introduced Penguin and the other people from his crew to three guest rooms at the end of the hallway. Law wanted to come and make some questions about that, but the red headed stopped him half way there and dragged Law to his king-sized bedroom without asking anything. Seez, if he didn’t want the raven-haired surgeon to complain with Killer or to find out some dirty plan they had made for Law, at least he had to let the tanned man make his choice of taking the couch. No. Law was not given the slightest chance to choose this thing, which he was deadly sure that he would prefer much more than Kid’s bed, and he was locked inside the pale man’s bedroom for whole night. Whole night! Law had never imagined anything about that. A whole night long with this brute, muscular, strong and handsome man, not that Law didn’t like, even though he was embarrassed as hell to admit, the surgeon found out that Kid was a great partner in bed. Greater than every women he used to spend time with, as if he had spent time with an women before, the red headed even made Law scream more than once in the night, which will absolutely be a huge shame to admit too. Okay, another embarrassment is the fact that Law had to re-think about sleeping on the couch, it was no better than having a night with Kid in his bedroom. The tomorrow of yesterday, which means today, was such a bitter memory. It was rather strange for Law to stand up and walk normally this morning, he noticed that some of the people from his and Kid’s crew covered their mouth to hide a grin when they saw him coming through though. The stupid crimson eyed smiled playfully to Law when he was alone with the man, after secretly patting on his butt and making Law jumped in caution. Luckily, nobody saw that action, but the ebony-haired man bet that they all knew about last night. Obviously, you must be the most stupid person living on Grand Line to not being able to relate the noise Law had made to anything like the s-word.

The sun seemed to create more and more heat upon Law, let him out of his dirty mind about the night with Kid. Law shook his head off those thinking, it was not good for him to get too easily stuck on that kind of thought. His brain tried to wonder somewhere out of this, and he decided that he should let it busy with the weather surrounding him. Law realized that the sun gave him no sign of stopping in hours afterward, not saying that it was providing more annoying light and making his eyes burned. Law felt the thirst come in his throat, and the hot air cuddling his skin right now was so unbearable. He found an urge of drinking some cool thing, which he thought could be found inside the cabin of Kid’s ship. The red haired man was nowhere to be seen, Law guessed he was doing some captain stuffs in his room or somewhere else not far from it. The tanned surgeon didn’t have any idea of drawing Kid’s attention toward himself, in fact, he’d rather not doing anything related to that pale man at least until there were no longer only him and Kid in the cabin. The pain between his slender legs was still reminding him of the rough move Kid had made last night, no thanks, Law didn’t want to experience this feeling again that soon. He chose to tip toed into the kitchen to look for some drink could solve the problem he had.

Law reached to the kitchen without making any noise, and found a tin at the corner of the room, which he thought it might contain some apple. Apples are his favorite fruit, they are full of nutrient and vitamin. The energy provided by apples could replace the one that got away because of the sweat in the summer. Moreover, apples are also very tasty, and Law was quite sure that an apple was the best choice for a hot summer day like that.

But the tin turned him down. There was no apple inside, just some potatoes. One could never make any drink of this vegetable. Law turned aside and tried to look for some other thing to cure his thirst, but nothing seemed to be possible.

“Lost some thing?” A low voice came from behind him made Law jumped in surprise before he realized who its owner was. Eustass Kid stood behind him, smiled brightly. “Decide to get inside because of the weather, right?”

“Yeah…” Law replied, turned around to look at Kid. He needed to be cautious, the surgeon didn’t want to be suddenly pinned down and taken off the clothes any more. If it must be the case, he’d rather knowing about it first.

“Then a lemonade will help.” Kid smiled and moved closer. Law took a step back, only to find out his back hit the wall behind. He swallowed, and looked up at Kid, tried to search for any sign of lust in the scarlet eyes. The only things he could saw from these were two bloody red pupils staring at him playfully.

“Why are you looking so scared like that?”

“N-nothing…I’m not scared.” Law said, with a trembling voice. Curse his traitorous thing, it was proving directly that he was lying.

“Don’t be a liar.” Kid smirked, and held Law’s shoulder to take the man closer to him, much closer than Law could define as comfortable. “You look like a kitten. A little innocent one trying to hide himself from a big hound.”

“Then you must be the hound.” Law muttered slightly.

“Don’t think that bad about me, Traffy.” Kid’s grin grew bigger. “I didn’t, and I won’t, do anything that can hurt you.”

He stopped for a while, then moved closer until there nose met, and whispered into Law’s ears. “It’s about that night, am I right?”

“N-n-no…I-i-t was just…n-n-nothing…just f-f-orget it, okay?” replied Law in a very soft voice. The dark surgeon could feel his heart about to jump out of his chest.

“Sorry for doing anything out of control.” Said Kid. The pale man wiped away the grim on his face, and moved a little further from Law. “I thought you like it.”

“I did, I mean…” Law growled, felt his face become hotter. “I mean…”

“So you like it? A lot? A little? How much?”

“No!” Law snapped back.

“You’ve just said.”

“No! Just forget it!”

“Okay…” Kid raised his hands up and made a movement like surrendering. “Okay, if you don’t want, I won’t do it.”

An annoying silence fell between the two men. Kid licked his purple lips while Law was looking away at somewhere else but the pale man’s face.

“I’m sorry.” Kid mumbled. “I didn’t think that it could hurt you like that.”

“No problem…” muttered Law. “I shouldn’t be that angry to you.”

“You should…if it hurt you.”

“In fact, it didn’t.” Law smiled. “It was just a kind of foreign feeling to me. I’ve never been through though I’d liked you at first.”

Kid raised one of his non-existed eyes brows at Law’s confession. “Liked me?”

“I guess so.” Said Law with his eyes on the floor.

“Since when have we become like such a romantic old couple like that?”

“I don’t know, I guess it because of the fucking author who had ran out of idea. I bet that this stupid bitch doesn’t know what she was writing right now.”

“Be mercy dear. Her internet-connection is fail and she has no way to upload our story online. It must be the first completed story of hers without sexy scene of us.”

“Really? Poor that little girl.”

“I know.”

Kid turned around, and took some lemon from the bag hung on the wall. “Now, let me make you some lemonade.”

“I’d rather apple juice, or an apple itself is good enough. Do you have any?”

“I’d rather not. I used to have some, but I gave them all to Killer and told him to make desert for your crew yesterday.”

“Why?” Law asked with a little curiosity. “You hate apple?”

“No. Have you ever heard of an old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?”

“I guess. Then?”

“You are a doctor.” Kid dropped the lemon on the cupboard and moved closer to Law. He held the tanned man in his strong arms, blocked all of his way out, and looked into his stormy grey eyes. Law made no movement of avoiding this time, response to the look with a small grin at the corner of his lips.

“I don’t want to keep you away. I want to have you as close as possible.” Kid confessed, and pressed his lips toward Law’s wet one. Law kissed him back, just like the way he did last night, strong, passionate and desirable. Oh man, just ditch all the thought he had at the formerly time about not wanting to have been through the feeling of last night again. The surgeon opened his lips to let Kid’s tongue wander inside. The wet flesh came slowly at first, then became braver and braver, discovered all the incredible warmth inside Law’s mouth, touched any places it could, and earn a moan of satisfaction from the dark surgeon. Slowly, but strong enough, Law let his tongue get into Kid’s mouth and feel fully the heat there. Their tongues battled for a while, then Kid moved closer, pressed his lips once again on Law’s to stop the war between the two naughty fleshes, this time, much more tenderly and softly in order not to hurt the tanned man’s lips.

“So you like it?” Kid panted when they parted for air.

“I guess.”

“Don’t guess, just make sure for once. Like it or not?”

“I forget everything, could you remind me?”

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