Author: Cos D. Sadist

Genre: Romance

Words: 1k+

Rated: T

Characters: E. Kid/T.Law

Status: completed


It’s just my own feeling after reading the Doujinshi named “Rapunzel”.



One hand hang over him, opened him a way for freedom.

It gave him a way to happiness, far away from all the hell, the pain and fear that he had been through for so long.

One hand, one way closer to the one he loves.

But he didn’t take it. He just let it go, rather easier than he thought. Let it go away and never come back. Let it go, and watched it go.

As the man got away, he silently watched the dark shadow become smaller and smaller, then faded, left him behind standing and staring blankly. Tear filled his heart and tried to cover his stormy grey eyes, but he kept them deep down inside. “Not yet, man, not yet, you can’t do it right now,” he whispered to himself while biting hard on his lower lip, when the shadow slowly, for the last time, disappeared completely from his sight.

“And now he’s gone.” He said to himself, blankly, eyes didn’t make any movement far from the ruined windows. Why was he still standing there? Why was he still looking at it? What did he expect from this action? This man will come back or what? Did he really hope that the man would come back for him, the shadow that had once got away will suddenly appear right near the ruined window, and then, once again, offer him a hand to freedom?

If this thing had happened again, would he take this hand?

“No.” He said to himself, loudly and painfully, and this time, nothing could stop him from crying anymore. The tear fell out from the stormy grey eyes, stripping down upon his face, and stopped at his slender collarbone, made his shirt wet. Like he cared. Like he had any sense of it. He was crying so hard, crying in pain, crying as if he had never known how to cry before. His voice cracked into pieces, and melted in the soundless rhythm of the falling tear on his face. He knelled on the floor, did not bother to wipe away his tear, while still making the unheard sound from deep down inside of the heart. Heart. He was always the doctor of the heart, he had spent time learning about it more than anyone could ever think of, he had so many interesting discoveries about the heart’s system and the heart’s work, the amount of them are much more than he himself could ever imagine that a normal person could do. Yes, that means he should have known so much about the heart and the way it works. He should have had enough knowledge to explain what was happening to his heart right now and why it was beating so painfully like that. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t find any theory to give an acceptable explanation for the pain clenching the flesh, the pain starting from the cardiac then running through his whole body, tightening his stomach and turning his spine into the coldest ice of winter.

One drop, two drops, more than he could count, his stream of tear make a trail from his checks to the chin, making so many dark stained on the cold hard floor. He touched his left chest, felt his heart rocking dramatically with something that very similar to the pain and hopelessness.

“Kid, I don’t like this story.”

“Calm down man, I thought it’s gonna have a happy ending. You know, they cannot be separated after everything they have been through for such a long time.”

“Long time? How could you call it a long time? I think it’s not even as long as a month since their first meet.”

“For the lovers, it’s a long time.”

“I still don’t like this story, Kid!” said a man with painful stormy grey eyes, gently put a hand on Kid’s shoulder. “I don’t like the ending, I would rather not knowing it. Could you please stop it?”

Kid smiled, dragged Law onto his lap, held him tightly to shorten the distance between them, and gave him a short gentle kiss on his neck. “Why?”

“Because…” Law sighed, unable to find words to answer. Probably he thought that he didn’t know it, either. “Because, I think it reflects my life.”

“How?” said Kid, still with a word, curiously looked at his lover.

“You don’t see?” Law said with a sad grin on his face when his eyes looked at somewhere so far from their place as if he was remembering something, and according to his brows Kid could tell that “something” is not the thing Law wanted to bring up in his mind. “The boy’s life was so like the time I was with Doffy. He was used as a slave, a small pet, no, not the pet, I don’t think that he even had the right of an animal but a soulless stuff used as a sex toy actually. He had neither the chance to go out and discover the world nor the freedom to do what he wants. His life was just like a bird in cage, like a criminal locked in jail and the only way to see the world is looking through a small window on the wall, which can be easily covered by a hand…”

“But he had a friend remember? A lover, actually.” Kid asked, playfully touched Law’s raven hair.

“Like I didn’t.” Law said, glared at Kid.

“Yeah I know you had Penguin and Shachi and Bepo, and they played a very important role on your escape from Dofflamingo’s crew, but you have to admit that the boy in the story had the small mechanic as a great friend to make him re-think about everything he had been through in his life. The other boy made him feel happiness, the feeling that had never truly happened to him before, and he showed the imprisoned man about the word outside which made him realize how awful his life really was.”

“Yeah, and Penguin did so to me, that’s why I said that the boy’s story reflected my life.”

“But you are rather stronger than that boy, you know? I mean, he acted like a good guy when you, I have to admit that you can never have such attitude. You always behave like an ass since the first time we met, and you are not the type that stays doing nothing when someone is abusing you. You had always been struggling during the time you live with Dofflamingo, you had always showed yourself so thorny and brave, in order to protect not only yourself but also you friends. That’s the differences.”

“Don’t you remember what I’d told you about Doffy and me, and what he did to me?”

“I know, but it’s just because he is way too much stronger than you, and look at you, you are small, slim and very slender, rather so vulnerable to him at that time, even right now you are still too weak to face him alone. Even me, yeah sure, even me have to surrender if I was in your case.”

Law was about to snap something back at Kid when suddenly the image of Kid knelled under Doffy hit him, and he could help stop laughing at the scene. Kid frowned slightly.

“I didn’t see anything funny from that.”

“The scene of you knelling down at Doffy and…and…” Law burst into laugh, held his belly so tightly while wiping down the tear from the corner of his eyes. “Sorry for such an attitude but…” his sentence was cut short by a string of laughter. “Sorry…”

“Aaah, I bet that I still look better than you in this situation, Mister Naughty Trafalgar!” Kid joined Law’s laugh, and held him closer on his lap while tickling him slightly on his belly.

“No! Stop that!” Law screamed and tried to get out of his lover’s grip, but in vain. Kid tightened his arms then turned Law around, earned a little struggling action from his lover but he didn’t care, and pressed his lips on Law’s. Law joined the kiss and briefly opened his mouth so Kid’s tongue could get into and explore all the wetness and warmth inside.

“Sweet.” Kid said when they finally parted for air, smiled cheerfully to his lover. “I love you.”

“Me too.” Law licked his lower lip, a huge grin could be seen on his face, then placed his head on Kid’s shoulders. “I couldn’t imagine what my life would be if I don’t have the gut to get out of this mess.”

“You are brave enough to do so.” Kid grinned, let his hand run through Law’s spine.

“But after that, when he chased me, I was almost about to surrender. I wonder what I thought at that time. I had made it for about three years after the escape when he suddenly found me, and he almost killed my whole crew. If it hadn’t been for you that time…”

“You’re right Law. I was there to rescue you, but I thought that you could still have made it if I hadn’t been there. In addition, he is no longer your problem since your alliance with Luffy has almost destroyed him and his crew right now. Now, back to the story…”

“I said that I don’t want to know the end. The imprisoned boy will be in the dark room forever, and the other boy will never come back to save him right?”

“Actually, you’re half right.” Kid smiled. “I’ve read this story before. The wanabe captain won’t come back, but the boy locked in the dark room can be let out and become a great doctor. I hope that he would make a perfect escape latter, then who knows? Their roads may cross each other some day.”

“And now you ruin all of my mood about that story. You’re such a spoiler!”

“A Happy Ending, right?”

“Happy? What in the world makes you find happiness about that? I could only see the pain. I know how that boy feels…even though I wouldn’t act like that if I were him.”

“Hey Law.” Kid said, touched Law’s goatee and held his chin higher, to make his crimson eyes look into the stormy one. His voice suddenly turned into a more serious tone. “I know that you’re strong enough, I know that you can solve your problems and handle everything perfectly without me since Dofflamingo is no longer be able to do anything harmful to you now. I know that you don’t need protection from me any more. But Law,” Kid tightened his grip so he could easily see the surgeon’s eyes and held the tanned man’s shoulders. He came closer, their noses almost met. “In case of danger…in case of some special situations…in case of sometimes you may feel like the boy in this story, lonely and vulnerable…I don’t expect these to come, but who knows what the life may throw into us? I can’t take whatsoever feelings may come when I see you sad, or in danger, or something like that…so, in case, just in case these things happens, could you please let me protect you? Could you please let me cover you, and hold you tightly in my arms to keep you away from danger or pain, or fear or trouble? Could you please, let me be the shoulder for you to cry, and be the one to kiss your painful tear away?”

Law stayed still, he could feel the serious tone in Kid’s voice when the pale man talked, and deep down inside his heart, Law knew that the crimson haired was telling him the truth.

“For how long?” Law asked, almost sounded like a whisper.

“Until the end of time.”


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