Full moon festival…

It took the little raven-haired boy in the miserable room a few minutes to realize that the moon had finally become perfectly full again.

Full moon…

He had no memory of that special occasion, in fact, he had never known what a perfect Mid Autumn festival must be since he did not mind to even think about it either. There was no festival in his world. There was only a window that can be covered only by a hand. His sky had never changed since he moved here at the very beginning of his life with the boss. Day after day, night after night, it did not matter if the moon was full or not, whether it appeared in the sky or hid itself behind the cloud, his world will remain unchanged among four emotionless silent walls and a blank window that can easily be covered by one hand.

The moon suddenly interrupted his little thinking game, gave him the strangest light ever appeared in his gloomy cabin. His lamp had been turned off so far long hours ago, and it was the first time he had a chance to admire the perfect sight of the moonlight in this occasion. It was smoothly bright, and the boy looked at it with such excitement he had seldom felt before. Never had the ebony-haired noticed the fact that the moon light could be so beautiful like it was right now, everything he could ever recall about the nature wonder in his entire life up to now was that it was extremely cold, sad, fearful, and covered by nothing but a painfully sorrow. Why could it not be? For a boy whose life may evolve of being locked forever in a room like him, having nothing but four walls surrounded and a window, which even one hand can cover quite completely, the moonlight had never been beautiful, everything had never been beautiful, or gorgeous, or wonderful, or whatsoever words people may use to describe beauty…

One soft click at the metal bar on the window, along with the moonlight once again made him blink and got out of his own mental work without awareness. No need to be surprised as he can guess who the person out there was based on the way that sound was made. There he was, another boy, slightly younger than him but seemed much stronger, livelier with crimson red hair and two scarlet pupils, which was looking at him in curiosity by now.

“Hey Trafalgar!”

“What’s now?” The older boy smiled softly, his lips slightly curled up and shaped a twisted smile that covered the sadness in his eyes, which was revealed rather clearly in the sweet brightness of the full moonlight.

“Treat me.”

“It’s full moon night, Eustass. Honestly, what in the world causes you such kind of wounds, I deadly want to find out. You should be more careful.”

“Whatever. You told me that you are my doctor, so shut up and take care of it for me. And…”

“You’ve made it right.” An emotionless, almost cracked voice cut him off. It came out through the thin lips as the slim boy lean against the wall, backed off the redhead so that the younger boy did not see the pain filled in the stormy grey eyes. He took a box of first aid laid nearby his pillow, and pulled out some bandages as well as a small pot of antiseptic liquid. The redhead looked with amusement, he had got used to with the sight of Trafalgar’s preparation before treatment, and it always breathed into him a comfortable feeling that his pain will be handled soon enough.

The wannabe doctor turned around, the darkness covering his face and smile was replaced with a little faking bright smile that could not fool the younger boy, but the redhead decided not to mention it at the talking place. He knew that the other was unhappy, but had no idea of the reason why, and he chose to discuss it another suitable time. The older boy smiled to him softly when his tattooed hands slowly drop the antiseptic on the injured place then moved the bandage around it. This was not a serious one after all, but Trafalgar still focused on it with all of his carefulness. One more movement around the wound, then he torn up the fabric, fastened it with professional skill. The redhead looked at it and smiled. “Thanks.” He said, sounded gratefully.

He moved closer to the window, carefully in order not to fall through the bars, and slowly dropped one thing on somewhere he knew to be the mattress of the older boy’s bed. Trafalgar blinked in surprise, then bowed down to have a clearer look. A round-shaped figure was lying on his blanket, smell sweet, rather strange but tasty somehow.

“Moon cake. Killer said that I need to pay for the treatment fee, so I think it is a good choice at present.” The younger boy added after a comfortable period of silence, then made his way to the town. “See’cha later.”

No need of faking emotion as he stepped back into the dark cabin and took a bite on the piece he was given from the redhead. Obviously, there was no faking, then no need of smile anymore. One hot and salty liquid fall down on his conflicted cheek, from the corner of the stormy grey eyes. He should have considered it as the tear of pain or sadness, or unhappiness, or sorrow…but it was not likely, because something has changed in the so-called teardrop. It felt more real and more breakable.

And his Mid Autumn was, somehow, different from every others he had ever been through. It changed. Whether he liked it or not, Trafalgar still felt something new.


…had changed.


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